Persistence Does Not Always Pay, or Even Make Sense

My cell phone is a business phone.  Since we recently moved to a different city, I have avoided taking on new customers in my previous location.  That, combined with the excessive sales calls that business lines often get, leads me to screen my calls.  If I do not recognize the number (current customer or friend), I do not answer the phone.

It is the time of year that the local Yellow Pages (or some variant) is selling ads.  I have 14 calls that I have not answered from them.  Now, I appreciate that good sales people have to be persistent, but how does one sell yellow page advertising to a business that does not answer its phone and has no location for customers to go to?

It will be interesting to see if the calls continue on Monday.


Accident By Cell Phone

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gathered hundreds of pages of research and warnings about the hazards of drivers using cell phones…The findings included:

What’s missing?

An increase in the number of accidents.  That’s what is missing.

25 percent of accidents are a result of driver distraction.  Cell phone use while driving has increased 50 percent.  So cell phone use is increasingly cited as the cause of the accident.

But it isn’t the cell phone.

The accident is caused by the distracted driver.  If the driver did not have the phone to be distracted by, then he or she would find something else.  All the laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving will do nothing to cut down the number of accidents.