Rush’s Low Point

It has been a few days now since Rush Limbaugh insulted the Georgetown law student for three days running and then gave the non-apology apology. And sponsors have been dumping him in response to the social media tsunami (I can not believe I spelled that right the first attempt).

I am still seeing blog posts about the trouble Rush is in (now the music group Rush has demanded that Limbaugh stop using their music on his show.)

Rush is not in trouble.  He knew he was going low when he went there.  He understood there would be an outsized reaction to what he said.  This is intentional on his part. The reaction proves his continued relevance (which makes one wonder if he was beginning to doubt his continued relevance).

There will still be sponsors. His show will continue. His audience will remain.

The best response would have been to ignore his statements, but even if everyone managed that it would simply result in Rush saying even worse things.

What he said was bad enough.  I suspect he will say something as bad or worse somewhere down the road. It is what he does.

“Don’t Remind Us. We’re Trying to Forget!”

I would seem some conservatives are all up in arms* over the commercial Chrysler aired during the Super Bowl halftime.

Karl Rove does not like it.

Rush Limbaugh does not like it.

Why? One reason.

Obama saved Detroit. If not for Obama, there would be no Chrysler to air that ad. There would be no GM. And there is a good chance there would be no Ford.**

Obama took control and saved the domestic auto industry. At little or no cost to the taxpayer (or maybe a profit…final tally is not yet in), Obama saved the domestic auto industry. The Chrysler ad subtly references that fact.

While I watched the ad, I half wondered if it would turn out to be a political ad, clearly pro Obama (though I was expecting it to be a Chrysler ad since it is so in keeping with many of their ads of late).

Romney says he would have allowed GM and Chrysler to fail.  Obama saved them.

This is not just bad news for conservatives politically, it is bad news ideologically. Obama accomplished the “impossible.” Many conservatives said it would be a disaster. “Socialism!” was the cry. Government cannot intervene and expect a good outcome.

But government did intervene. Things did improve. Detroit was saved!

This commercial reminds us of that fact. Conservatives want us to forget it. Maybe more importantly,  conservatives want to forget it themselves. Facts that contradict their worldview are intolerable.

Do you think Chrysler is enjoying the notoriety of the ad? I’m sure they planned on it.

** If GM and Chrysler went under, many of their suppliers would have gone under, too. Many of those suppliers also made parts for Ford. Ford would have been in a world of hurt with no source for parts with which to build cars.

Hat tips to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has a nice quick take on the ad, and Ann Althouse.


Actually, I Had The Same Thought Myself

Ezra Klein cites Limbaugh’s comments on the sunken oil drilling platform.

Rush is wondering about the timing of the event and the possibility of sabotage by enviro-extremists.  Ezra says “Is there literally nothing this man can say that will convince Republicans to disavow him?”

I will be shocked and appalled if that event was the result of deliberative sabotage, but I would consider the authorities to be remiss in their job if such a possibility is not at least in the back of their minds while investigating the event.

Accordingly, I can not fault Rush for saying what he said.