Farm Picked Broccoli

There was a com­mer­cial on TV just now for, I believe, Lean Cui­sine. The claim was made of high­er qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents such as “farm picked broc­coli”. I am at a loss as how this dif­fers from the broc­coli that might be present in com­pet­ing products.

Are there frozen din­ner prod­ucts that con­tain “home picked broccoli”?

Now They Tell Us

Have you seen or heard Pru­den­tial’s new ad campaign?

This rock has nev­er stood still.

Although I do not recall the exact phrase that was used, I am cer­tain that once upon a time their adver­tis­ing con­veyed the idea of sta­bil­i­ty with that rock. Sol­id, nev­er changing.

Now we know bet­ter I guess.