“Who Wins? Oh yeah, them too.”

Yesterday I was listening to Performance Today on NPR.  They played a selection performed by a group of female musicians who were all currently incarcerated in a Texas prison.  Along with the performance was a bit of time talking about the program that teaches inmates how to play musical instruments.

Someone from the Texas prison system was being interviewed and he talked about the 60% recidivism rate in Texas and how when an inmate experiences success playing the music this leads to more positive behavior and lowers the recidivism rate.  He called it a win-win.

Now, dear reader, you might be nodding your head and thinking indeed it is a win-win.  The state of Texas experiences less recidivism which really means less crime and less money spent incarcerating people and the inmates win by finding a path to a life inside the law.

Ahh, but that is not what the man meant.  He immediately followed up with a clarification.  The win-win he was talking about was, yes, the state of Texas and the Texas prison system!  Yeah!!!

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