10 thoughts on “Eggs”

  1. What is it you do not understand? The picture is of eggs at a hotel’s free hot breakfast buffet. They look like small, yellow pancakes, but they are eggs.

    Who would choose to have their eggs like that?

  2. By the way: Wouldn’t bother me a bit.

    As long as it was actual scrambled eggs, and not something like powdered eggs.

  3. Sure, lots of people willingly eat them! Shoot, in the context of the photo, they are free!

    But how many would choose them when asked “How do you want your eggs?”

    And would you?

  4. I guess I don’t see the problem.

    If asked how I’d like my eggs, I would normally say “scrambled.” (Although, if in a restaurant, I like to ask for fried eggs with runny yolks. Nothing tastes as good in the morning as wheat toast with reall butter, dipped in egg yolk !!)

    If my scrambled eggs, arrived shaped like this, or shaped like a cube, or separated out into eight blobs around the plate… Or completely encircled by hash browns and maple sausages… Or colored red white and blue, and shaped into an american flag… I really wouldn’t care.

    As long as they are scrambled eggs. LOL

  5. I don’t understand why you would frustrate the chef. You order the eggs scrambled and you accept them as scrambled in any number of various states. Seems like the chef has it easy.

  6. Let’s say said chef is ‘known’ for his culinary materpieces.

    Both for taste, and for artistic talent in preparation and presentation…

    Now lets say I order a meal of scrambled eggs in his restaurant… (Ok, let’s assume THIS PARTICULAR famous chef would actually -make- scrambled eggs. The horror.)

    So the chef does his magic. A spectacular show is made of bringing the meal to the table.

    And… I eat the smashed aigs.

    Dem wuz some purty gouod aigs !

    The chef simmers until he boils over……….


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