Another book I read over vacation (see previous post) was Damia by Anne McCaffrey which I believe I picked up at the dollar store (for $1.00 obviously).  This is a sequel and I have not read the first book, but I did not notice that I was missing anything.  336 pages, but, again, just another science fiction novel.

336 pages and I found one paragraph of mild interest:

Jeran and Cera paused long enough in their mildly competitive application of color to blank paper to smile at their father.  He patted them affectionately, for Jeff had no trouble being demonstrative with his children.  Then he became the host, offering to top up glasses before he poured one for himself and settled next to the Rowan on the circular couch.

You can see why the author had to explicitly state that Jeff “had no trouble being demonstrative with his children” since the scene certainly fails to demonstrate such a trait.

I laughed when I read it.   Given the rest of the book, I do not think it was intended to be funny, but maybe.

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