And It Always Will

Over at the Mata­dor Net­work, there is a post­ing on 23 incred­i­ble new tech­nolo­gies you’ll see by 2021. Includ­ed in the out­look for 2013 is the “Eye of Gaia, a bil­lion-pix­el tele­scope.” Eye of Gaia

will look far beyond our own galaxy, even as far as the end of the (observ­able) universe.

I believe that as long as there has been sight on the plan­et earth, the pos­ses­sor of the best sight has been able to see as far as the end of the (observ­able) uni­verse. Once tele­scopes came into exis­tence, the best tele­scope was able to “see” as far as the end of the (observ­able) universe.

And it will always be so.

Hat tip to my son who liked the post­ing on Face­book (if my mem­o­ry serves).

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