Discussion of Extremes Sheds Little Light

This CNN video clip of Piers Morgan asking Ron Paul about abortion would almost work verbatim as a Saturday Night Live skit.

Piers asks about what Paul’s reaction would be if one of his granddaughters got pregnant from a rape.  Paul (appropriately ignoring the reference to his granddaughters) responds by saying that if it is an honest rape*, the girl should immediately go to an emergency room and he would give them a shot of estrogen.

When Piers asks if this means Paul does not believe life begins at conception, Paul says that at that point, no ones if there has been conception. It would seem that Paul is saying the fertilized egg is a human life, but if one does not know whether the life exists or not, it is ok to end it.

Then Paul admits that the hypothetical of a rape victim at the hospital immediately after the rape is not useful, but it was Paul that introduced the hypothetical.

Piers then says that although it is a hypothetical, it does in fact happen “People do get raped, and they do get impregnated and sometimes they are so ashamed by what’s happened that weeks go by before they even discover they’re pregnant.”  So he says the hypothetical happens, but then immediately asks about a different situation as if that is the hypothetical.

Paul responds with the hypothetical from the opposite extreme, asking if a woman’s right to control her body means “one minute before birth you can kill the baby?”

Paul mentions responses he has received in the past about that hypothetical. Women have said “that’s not what we’re talking about” and his response is “That’s exactly what we’re talking about.”

Unless we don’t know if there is a life or not.

*honest rape?  This is beyond by ability to characterize. Even Angry Black Lady does not try to describe how despicable this comment is.** I guess it is just more compassion from the Republican candidates.

** Yes, I know. There have been times in the history of humanity when a woman has cried rape where there was none.  But in the context of the interview, Paul’s insertion of that phrase is absurd.  The question was about rape, not about false claims of rape.

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