Energy Lessons

Remember 2010?  When coal miners died and almost died?  When the Gulf of Mexico became dumping grounds for crude?

And the lesson learned?  I’m sorry, the lesson that should have been learned?  These activities are complex and dangerous.  Accidents will happen.  And greed increases the chances of accidents.

And now it is 2011.  As I sit comfortably in my home typing this, engineers and scientists in Japan are scrambling to try and contain the damage to a few nuclear reactors.   Those  reactors have become damaged through a sequence of events that would strain credulity in a disaster movie.  Impossible odds do come home.

I suppose there are areas that are not prone to earthquakes.   A map of faults shows France to be largely free of them.  I do not know how much that means but it sounds like a good thing.

I wonder what the worst case scenario is for wind farms?  Solar arrays?  Tidal power generators? Conservation?

With any luck, Japan will not experience the worst case scenario.  With any luck, we will see that there is a better road.

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