I have been a bit slow getting my two cents worth in on this, but here it is.

A year ago we really missed our chance to solve the illegal immigration problem when we did what we could to prevent a depression.   A solid 1930’s type depression would have sent all those illegals home!

We missed that chance.

There is nothing that we can do to prevent illegal immigrants from entering this country.   If we walled off the entire border, there is a whole lot of coastline.

Illegal immigration will slow when the economies to the south of us become first world economies.  What can we do to help?   Decriminalize drugs (including legalizing marijuana).  Corruption is a big obstacle between Mexico and a first world economy.  Corruption is fueled by money.  The drug trade supplies a lot of that money.

Mexico is in the grip of gang violence fueled by drugs which I am sure is not all that healthy for the economy.

Also, did you notice that when Arizona residents talk about why they like the new law aimed at illegals, it sounds like their problem has more to do with drugs than with immigrants?

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