It Doesn’t Hurt…

…as long as I only pat my low­er back. Click the Mike Pence tag for my ear­li­er posts on this subject.

Mike Pence has not made any announce­ments that he is run­ning for pres­i­dent. But now he is in the top five!!!

The recent Val­ues Vot­er Sum­mit includ­ed a straw poll for 2012 and

For­mer Mass­a­chu­setts Gov. Mitt Rom­ney, Min­neso­ta Gov. Tim Paw­len­ty, for­mer Alas­ka Gov. Sarah Palin and Indi­ana Rep. Mike Pence each won rough­ly 12 per­cent of the 597 votes cast.

Huck­abee won with 29%.

The momen­tum builds.…


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