Nothing New Under the Sun, Even in My Blog!

It may be pos­si­ble for sci­ence to deter­mine the ulti­mate truth of the uni­verse. It is just that we can nev­er know such truth has been reached.

That is a small part of a long post in the “ear­ly days” of this blog.

Xeno­phanes, about 2500 years ago:

The cer­tain truth there is no man who knows, nor ever shall be, about the gods and all the things where­of I speak. Yea, even if a man should chance to say some­thing utter­ly right, still he him­self knows it not — there is nowhere any­thing but guessing.

quot­ed in A His­to­ry of West­ern Phi­los­o­phy by Bertrand Rus­sell, page 40

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