Occupy the First Amendment?

So it seems the Occupy movement has gotten around to the courts. Specifically, the Supreme Court and the Citizen’s United decision.

At least some of the protesters are looking for a constitutional amendment to undo the Citizen’s United decision (I’m not sure why they would protest at the courts for that, but there it is). I doubt such an amendment is possible, but I am reasonably sure it is a bad idea.

I am no fan of the quantities of money that flow into politics. But I have to believe the answer is transparency. When an ad is on TV, or in the mailbox or wherever, the party paying for the ad should be prominently displayed. Complete information on where the money came from should be easily found on line. When an individual is the source of money, the individual’s  job/business needs to be identified.

Money does corrupt, but when the whole transaction is open to scrutiny, the voters can choose what corruption they want to vote for. Consumers can choose what businesses they do or do not want to patronize.

Maybe that would not work. But I would rather try it first before we start carving out exceptions to the First Amendment.

Hat tip: Ann Althouse

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