Although I do not restrict my view to the pavement, I do look down a fair amount (and I still manage to trip on a curb now and then!).

I believe this is the north east corner of the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Ontario in Chicago (towards the north end of the Magnificent Mile).  I believe the figure is about ten inches in length.

This is a shot of a sidewalk grate in Chicago.   I am fairly certain that I am not the first person to be taking a picture of a sidewalk grate.  I was struck by the contrast between the order of the grate and the disorder of the debris and the texture of the debris.

This is on the roadway of Airport Expressway Road in Fort Wayne.

7 thoughts on “Pavement”

  1. That li’l guy in the intersection must be pretty common, or maybe he just gets around; he was captured by Luke & Adrienne on their honeymoon in Pennsylvania just the other day!

  2. Did they post a pic of it? I have thought that it seems familiar and although it is possible that I have stood at the corner in the past, it would have been decades ago.

  3. Well done!! I may well have seen one or more of them in D.C. We were there just a couple of years ago.

    I wonder how many there are across the country (world?).

  4. Not sure. But if it is the work of one “guerilla artist” or however that Post article worded it — or perhaps a group of them — then I’m impressed at just how widespread they already are.

    I still love how emotive the Stikman despite how simplistic the form is.

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