Rules Are Rules

I have seen a couple of references to the idea of changing the Senate filibuster rules.  I am completely opposed to this.

In the first place, the Democrats were able to pass health care reform within the existing rules.  The blame for the difficulty involved lies far more on the Democrat’s own shoulders than it does on those of the Republicans.  True, the Republicans did everything they could think of to stall and obstruct, but the Democrats had the votes any time they decided to get their act together.

In the second place, changing the rules is shortsighted.  Eventually, the Republicans will again have majorities in congress.  I do not think it likely that when that time comes the GOP will begin by reinstating the filibuster.

Finally, there is Massachusetts.  The Democrats changed the rules there when they were afraid a Republican governor would be appointing a replacement for Senator Kerry.  This was completely unnecessary since Kerry went on to lose the presidency and keep the senate seat.  And it bit the Democrats in the ass when Ted Kennedy was dying and they had to hurriedly change the rules back so the Democratic governor could appoint a replacement.  I wonder how much this playing with the rules influenced the election of Brown.

There are times in life when rules need to be ignored.  There are times when rules simply do not work anymore and need to be changed.

But this is not one of those times.

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