Rush’s Low Point

It has been a few days now since Rush Lim­baugh insult­ed the George­town law stu­dent for three days run­ning and then gave the non-apol­o­gy apol­o­gy. And spon­sors have been dump­ing him in response to the social media tsuna­mi (I can not believe I spelled that right the first attempt).

I am still see­ing blog posts about the trou­ble Rush is in (now the music group Rush has demand­ed that Lim­baugh stop using their music on his show.)

Rush is not in trou­ble. He knew he was going low when he went there. He under­stood there would be an out­sized reac­tion to what he said. This is inten­tion­al on his part. The reac­tion proves his con­tin­ued rel­e­vance (which makes one won­der if he was begin­ning to doubt his con­tin­ued relevance).

There will still be spon­sors. His show will con­tin­ue. His audi­ence will remain.

The best response would have been to ignore his state­ments, but even if every­one man­aged that it would sim­ply result in Rush say­ing even worse things.

What he said was bad enough. I sus­pect he will say some­thing as bad or worse some­where down the road. It is what he does.

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