Someone Needs a Geography Lesson

…or at least a les­son on how to use any of the inter­net maps.

The Dai­ly Mail has an arti­cle up on the arrest of some idiot who seems to have been stalk­ing Sarah Palin. The guy was arrest­ed in Anchor­age, Alas­ka “50 miles from [Pal­in’s] home town of Wasilla.”

This is the map that accom­pa­nies the article:

The read­er is invit­ed to check his or her pre­ferred inter­net source for maps and direc­tions to learn that 50 miles is a rea­son­able approx­i­ma­tion of the dis­tance between Anchor­age and Wasil­la. You will also learn that on a map of the scale shown above, the dis­tance between the two loca­tions is just about 1/​8 of an inch (at least on my monitor.…your mileage may vary).

The best part is that the map does show a scale of what length 200 kilo­me­ters is. By that scale, the map shows Anchor­age and Wasil­la to be about 170 miles apart (a very rough esti­mate on my part).

Alas­ka is over twice the size of Texas. 50 miles is next door.

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