Political Battles Never End

I was just reading Steve Benen’s blog at The Washington MonthlyHe has an entry complaining about those Republicans who are working on how they might reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I disagree with his complaint on two counts.

First, history, especially recent history, teaches us that political battles never end.  Wisconsin has passed the law stripping public service workers of almost all their collective bargaining rights, but the opponents of that law are still working hard to overturn it.  I do not believe I have seen any complaints from Steve about that.

Second, polls have shown that the majority of Americans wanted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repealed.  So I say let the Republicans go on record as wanting to repeal it.  As Americans want jobs, the Republicans continue to pursue agendas that either have no effect on jobs or would cost jobs.  If the Democrats come up with any decent messaging at all, they should storm back to large majorities in 2012.

My Time to Waste