Second Chances

This morning I watched a bit of a Sunday morning news program. The panel of pundits was discussing Michael Vick. I wasn’t paying close attention but I believe that they were all more or less in agreement that “Americans believe in second chances. Vick deserves a second chance, but I wouldn’t sign him if I was a GM”.

I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean.  You deserve a second chance, I hope you can get it from someone.

What Vick did was bad.  He has served his prison sentence.  He lost millions. He deserves a second chance.

I would have had no problem if the Packers had signed him (reportedly they considered it), and I bet the Eagles will benefit from having him on the roster.    I believe he will be a star again and I wish him the best (except, of course, when the Eagles play the Packers).

My Time to Waste