Second Chances

This morn­ing I watched a bit of a Sun­day morn­ing news pro­gram. The pan­el of pun­dits was dis­cussing Michael Vick. I was­n’t pay­ing close atten­tion but I believe that they were all more or less in agree­ment that “Amer­i­cans believe in sec­ond chances. Vick deserves a sec­ond chance, but I would­n’t sign him if I was a GM”.

I’m not sure what that is sup­posed to mean. You deserve a sec­ond chance, I hope you can get it from someone.

What Vick did was bad. He has served his prison sen­tence. He lost mil­lions. He deserves a sec­ond chance.

I would have had no prob­lem if the Pack­ers had signed him (report­ed­ly they con­sid­ered it), and I bet the Eagles will ben­e­fit from hav­ing him on the ros­ter. I believe he will be a star again and I wish him the best (except, of course, when the Eagles play the Packers).