The Pendulum Gets Shoved

Back in June of 2009, I posted about the “death” of the Republican Party and who would save it.  Today, as predicted, the Republican Party is resurgent and I read stories of how the republicans are going to threaten democratic control of the senate and the presidency.   Who will save the Democrats??

The Republicans!!!    With the last election results being driven mostly by the economy, unemployment specifically, the republican controlled House of Representatives has not yet done a thing to address that issue.

With the national debt standing as one of the important issues of our time, the Republicans are content with addressing it by slashing domestic non-security discretionary spending, i.e., spending they do not like.  In other words, they do not care about the deficit (there is not enough money in domestic non-security discretionary spending to do much for the deficit), they are just happy to use the crisis as an opportunity to cut spending they do not like.  (Remember how unhappy they were when Obama talked about crises presenting opportunity?)

Of course, Americans like the spending and are still unhappy with the unemployment situation.   If this keeps up, I expect the Democrats to win big.

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