The Spider and the Fly

Here is a video I shot a few weeks ago on the job site.  I noticed the movement beneath the bottom step of a step ladder and bent down for a closer look.

Although the spider does not seem all that appreciative of the spin the fly creates, I am not convinced that the spin isn’t counterproductive.   I don’t think one can tell from the video, but it would seem that the spinning could lead to more web wrapped around the fly’s legs.  Now I wish I had watched/”filmed” more than I did.

I did check on it awhile later and the fly was completely wrapped up and stowed safely tight up against the bottom of the step.

In the background on the radio is NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

This was shot with my Nikon Coolpix L5.

My apologies for the inconsistent focus.

2 thoughts on “The Spider and the Fly”

  1. I can’t stop wasting time! 2 days now. I should have known ! ;) (That’s the 1st ;) I’ve ever done)

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