The Spider and the Fly

Here is a video I shot a few weeks ago on the job site. I noticed the move­ment beneath the bot­tom step of a step lad­der and bent down for a clos­er look.

Although the spi­der does not seem all that appre­cia­tive of the spin the fly cre­ates, I am not con­vinced that the spin isn’t coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. I don’t think one can tell from the video, but it would seem that the spin­ning could lead to more web wrapped around the fly­’s legs. Now I wish I had watched/“filmed” more than I did.

I did check on it awhile lat­er and the fly was com­plete­ly wrapped up and stowed safe­ly tight up against the bot­tom of the step.

In the back­ground on the radio is NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

This was shot with my Nikon Coolpix L5.

My apolo­gies for the incon­sis­tent focus.

2 thoughts on “The Spider and the Fly”

  1. I can’t stop wast­ing time! 2 days now. I should have known ! ;) (That’s the 1st ;) I’ve ever done)

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