TV Is Educational??

The tv program The Middle is on right now and while I play on the web I am paying a bit of attention to it.  The two teenagers were hauling boxes of stuff to the local thrift store.  It was after hours and the gate was closed and locked with a sign that said no drop offs after hours.  The kids did not care and started unloading the boxes.

A voice comes over a speaker and explains that they were violating the law.  The specific Indiana code is cited:  penal code 35-45-3.  Since I am at the computer I immediately Google Indiana Penal Code.  I follow the first link and then click on Title 35, then on Article 45, then on Chapter 3:

Littering a Class B infraction…
Sec. 2. (a) A person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally places or leaves refuse on property of another person, except in a container provided for refuse, commits littering, a Class B infraction

The writers actually researched the line!!!  I am impressed.

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