Twitter’s Limitations

I would have titled this The Trouble With Twitter (clearly the best possible title), but Michael Crowley at The New Republic’s blog The Plank beat me to the title.  Michael links to Joshua Kucera’s post at which seeks to document some of the disinformation that has come out of Iran via Twitter in the past few days .

Actual newsgathering media still has a place in the world.

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s Limitations”

  1. Rich;

    Unfortunately the problem lies with the people that input the data, whether it be on Twitter, in their own blogs (present company excepted) or major news sites (all of them).

    Individuals that tweet the info referred to in Joshua’s post seem to make the point of mainstream media – it’s all about the fantastic and the gory, right?

    Hey, you don’t go to the bullfight for the red cape, you go for the anticipation of…

  2. Actually, I don’t go to bullfights. Or races. And I am not pleased when fights break out in the sports I do watch.

    I think there are news organizations that are usually trustworthy (I like National Public Radio). Of course, it is always up to the consumer to critically consider if the info being given makes sense and if the provider is trustworthy.

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