Wedding Observations

Debby and I attended a wedding on Saturday.

The couple was almost giddily happy.  Most couples getting married are happy, but these two were joyous.  It was cool.

The caterer was very careful to serve the salad to every seat at every table.  Even the empty tables.  There was an empty seat at our table and we tried to stop the server, but no “We have to set every chair”.   And, of course, charge for every chair.  But only the salad gets served.  The rest of the food is in a buffet.  A bit of a racket, but then, they had to have enough of all the food just in case everyone showed up.

When it was time for our table to go through the buffet I was not yet done with my salad.  By the time we got back to the table, my salad plate had been cleared.  This is a pet peeve of mine…wait staff removing stuff from the table before I’m done with it.  I am amazed how often the server wants to take my plate before I’m done eating.  I have become very paranoid about it.

It hit me (and I may be the last person on earth to figure this out…) that the throwing of the bouquet and the garter actually serves a useful purpose.  It allows the single people to see who among the opposite sex is single.

Two girls wrestled over the bouquet leaving a lot of petals on the floor.  I was wondering if I was on a movie set.

The reception dance floor was not at all slippery.  It was non slip.  Presumably this is to reduce liability?  I would think I’d be more likely to get hurt trying to “dance” on a non slip surface than I would on a slippery surface.

“Dance” is in quotes because…you’ve heard of the TV program You Think You Can Dance?…well, when they come up with the show You Know You Can’t Dance But You Don’t Care…that’s the show I’ll be on.

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