What Pence and Daniels Have in Common?

Back when Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was still a potential candidate for the presidency, there was a story somewhere about how his relationship with his wife might be construed by some to reveal him as weak.  As I remember it, he had gotten married and after a time his wife left him and moved to California.  Later, she came back and they reconciled and remarried.

Why that history reveals Daniels to be weak, I cannot explain.  But apparently it did, at least for a few people.

If that was actually a problem for Daniels politically, then Mike Pence, Republican candidate for governor of Indiana, may have a similar problem.

At the end of an article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, there is a short discussion of how Pence will be traveling the state during his campaign.  First it mentions that Pence’s wife is a pilot but that Pence says he will “be spending more time in a pickup truck than an airplane.”

The article ends with :

His preferred vehicle would be a motorcycle, but Karen Pence has blocked that dream.

“I grew up on ’em, and I haven’t been able to close that sale since I got married,” Pence said.

Now, I would argue that this is Pence respecting his wife’s fears out of love for his wife.  But I know there are plenty of people who would see this differently.


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