Where Would It End?

I have been think­ing about a post pon­der­ing just how far today’s Repub­li­cans would go if allowed. What year of the cal­en­dar they would like this to be? 1950? 1920? Maybe 1890?

Crush the unions, erect bar­ri­ers to vot­ing, deeply cut the reg­u­la­to­ry “bur­den”, elim­i­nate pub­lic schools…

But to get to 1920 they would have to dis­en­fran­chise women. Sure­ly THAT would be a bridge too far…

And maybe it is.

But I would have thought that the weak­en­ing of and/​or elim­i­na­tion of child labor laws would be a bridge too far. Wrong! Among oth­er fun ideas at the link is this:

Mis­souri State Sen. Jane Cun­ning­ham ® intro­duced a bill which would “elim­i­nate[] the pro­hi­bi­tion on employ­ment of chil­dren under age four­teen. Restric­tions on the num­ber of hours and restric­tions on when a child may work dur­ing the day are also removed.

It is a bit unfair to lay the blame for all of these pol­i­cy ini­tia­tives at the feet of ALL Repub­li­cans. But at the same time, when is the last time you heard a Repub­li­can leader or nation­al fig­ure stand up against any of these ideas.

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