Who will save the Republican Party?

Sooner or later, everyone will figure out that my political views tend to the liberal. One result of that is I tend to read liberal sources. Notably blogs at Talking Points Memo and The New Republic.

Ever since the election, I have seen many posts on various outlets concerning the diminishment of the Republican Party. Today brings yet one more.

The GOP is becoming a regional party. The GOP is increasingly comprised of only the extreme right base. Etc. Etc.

Who will save the Republican Party? Are we in danger of becoming a one party country?

Don’t worry about it.

The Democratic Party will see to it that the Republican Party will enjoy a resurgence. Maybe not in 2010. Maybe not in 2012. But the time will come when the Democratic Party will just get too carried away and the country will look to the Republican Party for salvation.

Just like the Republican Party was the recent salvation of the Democratic Party.

Rumors of the death of the Republican Party are greatly exaggerated.

07/22/2013 Update: The New Republic changed up their web site and the link I posted became broken. I have changed the link to what I believe is the page I originally linked to. Unfortunately, the content of the TNR post was mostly in a video which does not seem to be available anymore.

5 thoughts on “Who will save the Republican Party?”

  1. In that case (and pardon me for being a Canadian) the currently elected Democratic party has to put in action as many provisions it can to make everybody in the US equal before their time runs out. I believe your system allows people 4 years, twice (if they’re re-electred), and that’s it?

    You seem like a very sensible and non-judgmental person.

  2. We are already equal. All men are created equal.

    We only need to get to where we behave in accordance with the truth.

    But, yes. There is only so much time. Obama is attempting to push as much as he can through congress as fast as possible. He must strike while the iron is hot. It is only a matter of time before he begins to lose his political support. And there’s no telling what might happen tomorrow (or the next day) that might prevent him from getting anything else done.

    “You seem like a very sensible and non-judgmental person.”

    🙂 Just like the question of whether I can play guitar and sing, it depends upon who you ask. But thanks!

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