Wilson Farms Jam

I for­get what it was Deb­by and I were doing in that part of Indi­ana ear­li­er this sum­mer when we hap­pened upon Wil­son Farm Mar­ket. Well, we were dri­ving around to see what we might see when we hap­pened upon the mar­ket. I sim­ply do not remem­ber why we were in that part of the state.

Any­ways. We stopped at the mar­ket and looked around, Deb­by look­ing for fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles and I, see­ing food in jars start­ed look­ing for the jams.

I bought one jar of Red Rasp­ber­ry Jam with No Gran­u­lat­ed Sug­ars Added. It has only five grams of sug­ar and the ingre­di­ant list shows red rasp­ber­ries (always nice to see the fruit come in first!), white grape con­cen­trate, pectin, and water. And it cost $4.99 for 18 ounces!

And the next time we are down that way, I’ll buy more. Excel­lent jam. Not at all too sweet. The bulk of the jam con­sist­ed of bits of rasp­ber­ry still intact and had a good fla­vor of red rasp­ber­ries. If you like red rasp­ber­ries, I don’t know how you would not like this jam.

The only nit I would pick is the amount of water added. Not that the prod­uct is thin par­tic­u­lar­ly, but I think it could be thick­er than it was.

Wilson Farms raspberry jam label
Wil­son Farms rasp­ber­ry jam label

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