Wilson Farms Jam

I forget what it was Debby and I were doing in that part of Indiana earlier this summer when we happened upon Wilson Farm Market.  Well, we were driving around to see what we might see when we happened upon the market.  I simply do not remember why we were in that part of the state.

Anyways.  We stopped at the market and looked around, Debby looking for fresh fruits and vegetables and I, seeing food in jars started looking for the jams.

I bought one jar of Red Raspberry Jam with No Granulated Sugars Added.  It has only five grams of sugar and the ingrediant list shows red raspberries (always nice to see the fruit come in first!), white grape concentrate, pectin,  and water.  And it cost $4.99 for 18 ounces!

And the next time we are down that way, I’ll buy more.  Excellent jam.  Not at all too sweet.  The bulk of the jam consisted of bits of raspberry still intact and had a good flavor of red raspberries.  If you like red raspberries, I don’t know how you would not like this jam.

The only nit I would pick is the amount of water added.  Not that the product is thin particularly, but I think it could be thicker than it was.

Wilson Farms raspberry jam label
Wilson Farms raspberry jam label

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