You Can Leave But You Cannot Check Out

Having moved to Fort Wayne, we no longer need our previous isp.  We kept it for awhile so we could get the email.  Yesterday I went by the Marion cable office to return the modem and settle up.   I gave the woman the modem and told her to shut it off we have moved.  She asked for our new address.  I almost protested that they had no need for the new address, but I was lazy and gave it to her.

She told me the amount I owed and I handed over the bills while she further explained that the amount was only an estimate and that we would be sent a bill after the system finished calculating the final bill.


I told her (with a smile on my face) that any system that could not come up with the final bill right here and now was an ef’ed up system (that’s how I said it).

And I walked away laughing.

The famed efficiency of the private sector.

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