127 Hours

A ad for the movie 127 Hours just ran on the tele­vi­sion. I was aware that a movie had been made of the sub­ject but I was unaware of the title. I have heard of the title on a few occa­sions and, based on the title alone, I was not all that inter­est­ed. Lis­ten­ing to that ad just now, I think I fig­ured out why.

127 Hours sounds like a long, long movie in a way that 48 Hours, 28 Days and Nine Months do not. Maybe because when I hear 48 hours I imme­di­ate­ly trans­late that into two days.

No major release movie is going to be of a length mea­sured in days or months. But movies mea­sured in hours are rou­tine. 127 hours is too many.

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