127 Hours

A ad for the movie 127 Hours just ran on the television.   I was aware that a movie had been made of the subject but I was unaware of the title.  I have heard of the title on a few occasions and, based on the title alone, I was not all that interested.  Listening to that ad just now, I think I figured out why.

127 Hours sounds like a long, long movie in a way that 48 Hours, 28 Days and Nine Months do not.  Maybe because when I hear 48 hours I immediately translate that into two days.

No major release movie is going to be of a length measured in days or months.   But movies measured in hours are routine.  127 hours is too many.

Sense of Humor

Debby and I watched Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona the other day.  Good film.  Here and there during the movie I had to remind myself that it is probably funny.  And as soon as I thought that, I found it to be funny!   Even to the point that I laughed out loud.

But I could have easily sat through the whole movie without realizing it was supposed to be funny.  I would wager that I have done that at least once in my life: watch a movie that is supposed to be funny without ever realizing that was the case.  And then thinking “strange movie.”

On the other hand, I find Craig Ferguson to be very funny.  I actually find him to be funny even when he is being juvenile.

But Conan O’ Brian isn’t funny at all.

By the way, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is really good.  Filmed in terrific settings, very good acting, and a decent script.  And Allen is not in it (a big plus in my book).

Last Chance Harvey

Debby and I rented Last Chance Harvey this evening.   The movie is about two people who share the ability to be in a room full of people and still be alone.

Harvey, well played by Dustin Hoffman, finds himself with nothing to lose and finds in that circumstance the confidence to pursue a beautiful woman.

Emma Thompson is wonderful as Kate Walker, the object of Harvey’s pursuit.  This is the first time I’ve really seen Thompson (I’ve seen bits and pieces of Primary Colors, but nothing else with her in it).

Generally well put together movie.  I noticed a couple of unusal shots, one of which I don’t think worked all that well (at the first kiss).   Now and then the soundtrack was terrific and at one point I thought the theme was getting overplayed a bit.  There is a nice subplot with Kate’s mother concerned about her new neighbor, a Pole who “bar-b-ques” a lot.

A sweet movie that keeps its feet on the ground.  There is no sex.  There is no implied sex.  There are no soaring violins as the two people finally know they are in love and manage to get together despite all the odds.  There is just two people who decide to give it go and spend some time together.

My enjoyment of this movie was enhanced by my identification with Hoffman’s character.  I have always had the talent of being able to be alone in a room full of people.  And I managed to woo Debby (my wife) because I was at a point where there was little left to lose.  It is a lot easier to be confident in such a situation.

Quantum of Solace

I rarely see movies in the theater and I rarely rent them until they are available for five days (so I can rent it on Friday and not return it until Monday). So most of the “movie reviews” I post will not be of much use to many readers.

But I do not see that as a reason to not post them!

I watched Quantum of Solace last night. I had rented Casino Royale a while back and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a bit long and felt like watching two movies back to back, but I thought it the best Bond film ever. I looked forward to sequels.

Quantum of Solace came out to such bad reviews that I was in no hurry to rent it. I believe I was misled. This was a fun movie to watch. It may not quite be up to the standard of Casino Royale, but it is close.

More importantly, plot wise it is the ending of Casino Royale. Both of these movies are too long and have plenty of excessive action that could be edited out with little damage (and maybe improvement!) to the films. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems like some of the back and forth between M and Bond that was covered in the first film was done again in the second.

There are two good movies here with more editing. As it is, there are two movies worth watching which are certainly the best of the mostly dreadful Bond series.