Art Director Should Be Product Designer

This is a pic­ture of a cov­er­let on a store shelf. The col­or of the cov­er­let in the pho­to is much more vibrant than the col­or of the actu­al coverlet.

If the more vibrant col­or helps sell the item, then would it not make sense to give the actu­al prod­uct the more vibrant color?

At least the untruth of the pic­ture is clear­ly demonstrated.

3 thoughts on “Art Director Should Be Product Designer”

  1. The dif­fer­ence in col­or is more like­ly due to a mix­up or lack of atten­tion, in the photography/​printing process, than because some­one thought it looked bet­ter in a more vibrant color.

  2. Good point. How does that go? “Nev­er attribute to sin­is­ter motives what is eas­i­ly explained by incompetence?”

    So, nev­er attribute to com­pe­tence (incom­pe­tence?) what can be eas­i­ly explained by indifference?

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