Debby and I were out the door early today to drive thirty minutes north and pick blueberries!  Despite the heat we walked into when we left the house when we arrived at the blueberry farm it was quite pleasant.  They had had a lot of rain earlier and it cooled them off.   So we got to pick from wet bushes.

We picked 17 pounds!

Debby out picked me 9 pounds to 8.  I can’t figure out how she has the rock in the bucket for the weighing but it isn’t there when the berries are poured out.  She out picked me last time we picked (a few years ago) but only by a couple of ounces (and we picked a lot more that day!)

I love blueberries with cereal and in pancakes.  Normally, I am not much of a pancake fan, but put blueberries in them and it is a completely different food.

The wet berries laid out to dry before freezing.


We saved fifty cents a pound by picking the berries ourselves, so $8.50.  That took four man hours of labor.  So we earned $2.12 an hour.  Then there was the gas and the hour of time spent in travel….

So, no.  We did not do this to save money.  We had fun.  That was the point (well, that and the resultant BLUBERRIES!)

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  1. Blueberries are a relative of cranberries, and have the same ‘medicinal’ qualities.

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