Break Out The Crystal Ball

While watch­ing the NCAA bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment, I notice the PSA’s for the cen­sus say that we should fill out the cen­sus form this March. But the cen­sus form asks for the name of the peo­ple that were liv­ing here on April 1, 2010.

It does not ask who will be liv­ing in this dwelling on April 1?, it asks who WAS liv­ing in this dwelling on April 1?

So we are to pre­dict the future in the past tense.

3 thoughts on “Break Out The Crystal Ball”

  1. Nope, don’t think so. I guess I could say some­thing smart here like, “They’ll take my tax­es, but they won’t count me in how they appor­tion them.” I know that cen­sus work­ers go out to homes that don’t mail one in… but if they did­n’t have record enough to send us one, will we show up as hav­ing *not* sent one?

    An answer I got on Aard­vark regard­ing the mat­ter gave me a phone num­ber to call from which I can request a form. I guess I’ll do that tomorrow.

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