I Live Here and I Would Not Have Guessed

I heard on the radio today that Indiana is the third highest gaming destination in the country taking the place of Mississippi.  Nevada is number one and New Jersey is number two.  No surprise there.  But Indiana is number three!?!?!?  I consider this a dubious distinction at best.

I also learned recently that Indiana leaped into the upper echelon of wind power states.   I believe that Indiana installed 900 something MW of wind power in 2009 and now has a total installed wind power of 1036 MW.  This puts Indiana at number twelve of the fifty states in installed wind power.  Only Texas installed more wind power in 2009 (Indiana was not a close second).

Indiana has the wind, the manufacturing facilities, and the grid.

That’s better than gaming!

3 thoughts on “I Live Here and I Would Not Have Guessed”

  1. “Indiana has the wind”

    Yeah, but I thought it was a bit much when they mandated beans in every meal, just to achieve that.

    I mean, they could simply have hired a couple more polititians…

  2. I think it is more than troubling that gambling continues to be a major source of revenue. How does one go about researching where the casino money for state and local municipalities goes? If we must have revenue built on the backs of the those who have little, then we need to be sure the money is actually going to improve their public lives, and not into the pockets of politicians.
    Rich, can you find for me a site that would show where the Hammond casino money goes after it reaches the councilmen?

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