Consciousness is one of my favorite topics.

Consciousness is interesting because so little is known of it (nothing for all intents and purposes) and because we all have the same access to it.  We have our own and that others have it we really can only accept on faith.

It is my experience that many people are not clear what is being discussed when consciousness is the subject, so this post is my attempt to define consciousness.

If you would please indulge me, I ask that you close your eyes (not yet) and count to ten.  Do this without moving your lips and be sure that each number is “enunciated” in your mind.  Then be sure to open your eyes.

Go ahead and do that.  I’ll wait.

Now, I would like you to point to the location where you counted to ten.

As I understand it, most people will point to right between their eyes.  But some people will point to other part of the body, particularly the chest.  A rare individual might point away from their body to a corner of the room perhaps.

That location, that space, is your consciousness.  When I talk of consciousness, that is what I’m talking about.

I point right between my eyes.  Where do you point?

8 thoughts on “Consciousness”

  1. Yes.

    Why do you think I hide so much ?


    My personal space, the space needed for me to be comfortable, is at about the tips of my fingers at arms length, all around.

    If I know and trust people, then standing to the sides or at angles to the sides, they can stand pretty close.

    But that focus point at the front, is touchy, even if I know and trust a person.

    I need people about 4 feet away, directly in front.

    And in back, don’t get close enough that I can sense your presence there.

    You’ve commented before, I believe, that I know a lot more about myself, than most others you have known. “More aware” of myself…

    Maybe that’s why.

    My awareness or consciousness isn’t centered on myself.

    I can look at myself from an ‘outside perspective’, easier than those who are centered on themselves.

    And in fact, maybe am forced to mostly do so.

    I can tell you that I have also almost seemed to be able to read people’s thoughts, when they stood in that focus. Especially if they were not paying attention to me, or were not aware of my presence. No way I actually have ever read anyone’s thoughts. Just that I seemed to intuitively know what they were thinking, feeling, were going to say, were about to do, etc. More than coincidence or even paying attention, could account for.

  2. I’ve always “understood” what you have said on the subject. But if you really find that your consciousness is two feet in front of you, well, I never understood THAT before!!!

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