Slow Motion

Two days ago, I mentioned how the event of slipping while carrying the bucket of sauce took place in “slow motion”.  I assume most have experienced this phenomenon, but for anyone who has not…

Sometimes in a moment of “crisis” events seem to take place very slowly in relation to one’s thought process.  The result is that in what is a fraction of a second, one can analyze what is happening, go through a handful of possible responses, choose one, and still react quickly (not move quickly, just react quickly).

I have a theory on how this happens and it has to do with yesterday’s topic, consciousness.

Normally, the conscious mind has somewhat limited access to the subconscious.  Yes, information readily moves from the unconscious to the conscious, but the conscious mind plays the passive role of accepting the info with out having any role in its production or any insight into how it is produced.

But sometimes, in a “crisis” situation, that relationship changes and the conscious mind is allowed access to the subconscious workings.  I suspect that the subconscious processes information at a much faster rate than the conscious mind can.  When this faster processing is available to the conscious mind’s purview it seems like time moves more slowly than otherwise.

It is nothing more than “seeing” the sensory information processed at a much higher rate of speed than the conscious mind normally “sees”.

Tomorrow:  déjà vu

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    1. Yes, I have read “Blink”. My memory is that I was not impressed. He makes some good points, but does not really get too deep into it.

      Gladwell may be the finest example of earning a living simply by stating the obvious.

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