Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is the oth­er phe­nom­e­non that to me is eas­i­ly explain­able. Déjà vu is the expe­ri­ence of sud­den­ly feel­ing like you have been here before, like every event that hap­pens has hap­pened before. You remem­ber it in incred­i­ble detail. If there is somethere talk­ing, you remem­ber every word he or she says…just as they say it. You can nev­er quite pre­dict what will hap­pen next, but it feels like you should be able to.

This is not caused by any mys­ti­cal force, it is not because you dreamed the events pri­or to the time they take place. It is a result of the sub­con­scious mind pro­cess­ing things at a much high­er rate of speed than the con­scious mind. I think, once in awhile, a “fil­ing” error occurs and what is hap­pen­ing now is get­ting filed as an old mem­o­ry. So when the con­scious mind becomes aware of the glass falling off the table, the uncon­scious mind is ready with the “long ago mem­o­ry” that was cre­at­ed mil­lisec­onds before.

And déjà vu.

One thought on “Déjà Vu”

  1. Mea­gan and I have talked a lot about con­scious­ness in the short time we’ve been togeth­er, and when we were lay­ing here scrolling through your blog — is there any more roman­tic evening, after all? — she saw the tag “con­scious­ness” in the side­bar and land­ed on this post.

    I want­ed to add that déjà vu could very well be relat­ed to dreams as well. We dream a lot of mun­dane stuff, most of which we nev­er remem­ber, even if we wake up dur­ing the dream. But our brain tends to tuck pret­ty much every­thing away, even if we can’t con­scious­ly access the mem­o­ries; still, the neur­al con­nec­tions are there, wait­ing to be activated.

    So if we come across a sit­u­a­tion which hits sim­i­lar­ly to one of those unre­mem­bered dreams, those path­ways may be acti­vat­ed, trig­ger­ing a mem­o­ry that does­n’t quite fit with what we know of our lives but does in fact make the moment we’re liv­ing right then feel all too famil­iar, cre­at­ing déjà vu.

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