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As we drove through New York last week, we came across some road construction.  It is summer after all and this is to be expected.   I do not remember what road we were on, but it is a four lane divided highway.  The left lanes on both sides of the road were closed.  As the picture shows, the temporary concrete barrier was set up and the shoulder converted to the right lane.

Note the sign:


What else is there?  If a vehicle is not on the shoulder, it is not in the right lane.  If it is in the right lane, it is already on the shoulder.

And this sign is installed every few hundred feet.   Just to the left of the speed limit sign the bottom of the next “Right Lane Must Use Shoulder” sign is visible peeking out from behind the green info sign.

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  1. Yeah. It was too big, so I tried to delete it and reload a more suitable size. So now there is nothing. I’m waiting for my tech wizard (my son) to help out. The pic will be there eventually…..

  2. It’s there.


    Every time I see the signs on the highway, here, that say, “No Shoulder Driving”… I try to bend my shoulder to the steering wheel, and have to exclaim, “No kidding. How would you keep your eye on the road.”

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