Everywhere a Sign

As we drove through New York last week, we came across some road con­struc­tion. It is sum­mer after all and this is to be expect­ed. I do not remem­ber what road we were on, but it is a four lane divid­ed high­way. The left lanes on both sides of the road were closed. As the pic­ture shows, the tem­po­rary con­crete bar­ri­er was set up and the shoul­der con­vert­ed to the right lane.

Note the sign:


What else is there? If a vehi­cle is not on the shoul­der, it is not in the right lane. If it is in the right lane, it is already on the shoulder.

And this sign is installed every few hun­dred feet. Just to the left of the speed lim­it sign the bot­tom of the next “Right Lane Must Use Shoul­der” sign is vis­i­ble peek­ing out from behind the green info sign.

4 thoughts on “Everywhere a Sign”

  1. Yeah. It was too big, so I tried to delete it and reload a more suit­able size. So now there is noth­ing. I’m wait­ing for my tech wiz­ard (my son) to help out. The pic will be there eventually.….

  2. It’s there.


    Every time I see the signs on the high­way, here, that say, “No Shoul­der Dri­ving”… I try to bend my shoul­der to the steer­ing wheel, and have to exclaim, “No kid­ding. How would you keep your eye on the road.”

  3. How do you keep your eye on the road while dri­ving? And why? Seems like some­thing you can only do twice and then you are total­ly blind.

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