Good Money

The Secret Service examined the four one hundred dollar bills that the bank teller identified as counterfeit and declared them to be authentic American currency.   Several days later, the money was credited back to Debby’s account.

So the suspicion of fakery resulted in a seven day loss of $400.

Better than a permanent loss of $400!

2 thoughts on “Good Money”

  1. Have you ever heard James Randi talk about counterfeit money detectors? Apparently some of them rely on the fact that US currency is printed on paper with a very low starch content. The detectors determine whether or not the money has starch or not. So, every now and again, James Randi goes to the bank and gets out some cash (in the thousands, according to one of his talks). He then lays the cash out on his bed and sprays it down with starch.

    Banks tend to have more sophisticated methods of detection.

    I don’t have sound capabilities on this computer, but I think I found a link to him talking about the SS and counterfeit detection pens.

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