Good Money

The Secret Ser­vice exam­ined the four one hun­dred dol­lar bills that the bank teller iden­ti­fied as coun­ter­feit and declared them to be authen­tic Amer­i­can cur­ren­cy. Sev­er­al days lat­er, the mon­ey was cred­it­ed back to Deb­by’s account.

So the sus­pi­cion of fak­ery result­ed in a sev­en day loss of $400.

Bet­ter than a per­ma­nent loss of $400!

2 thoughts on “Good Money”

  1. Have you ever heard James Ran­di talk about coun­ter­feit mon­ey detec­tors? Appar­ent­ly some of them rely on the fact that US cur­ren­cy is print­ed on paper with a very low starch con­tent. The detec­tors deter­mine whether or not the mon­ey has starch or not. So, every now and again, James Ran­di goes to the bank and gets out some cash (in the thou­sands, accord­ing to one of his talks). He then lays the cash out on his bed and sprays it down with starch.

    Banks tend to have more sophis­ti­cat­ed meth­ods of detection.

    I don’t have sound capa­bil­i­ties on this com­put­er, but I think I found a link to him talk­ing about the SS and coun­ter­feit detec­tion pens.

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