When Sarah Palin burst upon our consciousness, she brought her family along, including the baby, Trig.

The grandfather says Trig is named after his great uncle, a Bristol Bay fisherman.

I vaguely remember reading this explanation of the name at the time.  I gave no thought to where the name might have come from beyond that.

On page 405 of Coming Into the Country, McPhee is discussing the cabins of Dick and Donna.

The shanty that Dick and Donna use on stopovers in Eagle is only a little up from squalid…Their fish camp down the Yukon can be discouraging, too–a dirty, fetid, lightless cabin astink in aging salmon.  These more manifest habitations long ago earned Cook a reputation as a  sloven–among people who have never been here.  This secluded cabin (his home of homes) is neat and tidy–in fact, trig.

Upon reading this, I immediately thought about the Palin baby.  Visiting I find the following definitions:

neat, trim, smart, or spruce.

in good physical condition; sound; well.

to support or prop, as with a wedge.

to act as a check on (the moving of wheels, vehicles, etc.)

That is a complicated four letter name.  With luck the ironies will shift and multiply as he grows.

2 thoughts on “Trig”

  1. Makes me think of coon dogs. My dad had a Black and Tan named Trig. Trig’s brother was Bo :)

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