Neverland, Sandbox, Tomato, Tomäto

This afternoon I listened to a fairly good chunk of NPR’s Fresh Air. I heard the interview with the musician, songwriter, singer Stew.  I particularly noted Stew’s comments about what happens when one gets to do what one loves.

Stew explained that when you only do what you love, you never have to grow up. You can just keep on playing in the sandbox. The corollary (in my mind) being that having to do something you do not love causes maturity. This made sense to me and I made a mental note of it.

Later in the day I was talking to Jay at the lumberyard and he brought up Joe Paterno…wondering if they would have fired him if they had understood how bad his health was. This led to a brief discussion of Paterno’s legacy which led to a brief discussion of Bob Knight’s legacy.

I commented that I kept waiting for Knight to mature, to grow up.

Now I am a bit surer of the truth of Stew’s comment.

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