Where Do I Live?

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones has a blog post up about the “voter fraud” that South Carolina is trying to fight with I.D. requirements.  It turns out that there is no evidence of the claimed fraud. Discrepancies are invariably the result of simple clerical error (although one dead person did manage to vote by casting his or her ballot early and then sneakily dying before election day.)

This leads Kevin to:

Despite Newt Gingrich’s infatuation with having MasterCard run our country’s immigration program, anyone who’s ever worked in the private sector knows that keeping customer and prospect mailing lists clean is a huge pain in the ass. If you manage to stay even 95% accurate, you’re a genius. That’s doubly true for voter registration rolls, which are a nightmare of people moving, dying, getting married, registering twice by mistake, providing incorrect addresses, and so forth. After any election, you can always find thousands of discrepancies if you look hard enough.

Twenty years ago I met my wife and moved in with her. Not surprisingly, we never stopped getting mail for her ex. But it was weird when my ex started getting mail there! Two years ago we moved to another city an hour away. I do not believe that we have received any mail from my ex here, but we have received mail for my wife’s ex.

The White Pages Neighbors site (a cool or frightening site depending on one’s perspective) lists as residents in our home my wife, her son and her ex. I’m not listed.  This is despite the fact that the phone number is in my name.

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