4 thoughts on “New Math?”

  1. Rick;

    Let’s approach this log­i­cal­ly and rationally…

    It IS (3 X 36)+36 but in the new world of tex­ting folks are allowed to drop a dig­it or two, no?

    If you read most news sites their gram­mar is atro­cious and they can­not even spell ‘spel-czech’.
    It’s as if human edi­tors no longer exist. Or as if they got their edu­ca­tion in California.

  2. That looks about right, except the log­i­cal and ratio­nal part.

    Speak­ing of which, there is also the issue of Simon Cow­ell mak­ing that much mon­ey to be the rude judge. Not that I fault the pay, if that’s what the rat­ings war­rant. But why do the rat­ings war­rant it? So many peo­ple tun­ing in to hear a lot of so-so singing.

    Then there is the issue of why is the local news report­ing this sto­ry. This is news?

  3. Rich,

    What I can­not fig­ure out is why so many peo­ple tune into so many shows where rude­ness seems to be the draw, a la’ Trump, Amer­i­can Idol, etc.

    Or the day­time shows like Mau­ry and the oth­ers. What draws peo­ple to the likes of Howard Stern or Michael Savidge(sp?).

  4. I find it sad that the show makes that much mon­ey in the first place. I wish I got paid even a minor frac­tion, say 1/​100, for par­tak­ing in a karaoke com­pe­ti­tion. Even bet­ter, I could heck­le the peo­ple per­form­ing in the com­pe­ti­tion and get 100% of the amount. It’s real­ly quite sickening.

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