4 thoughts on “New Math?”

  1. Rick;

    Let’s approach this logically and rationally…

    It IS (3 X 36)+36 but in the new world of texting folks are allowed to drop a digit or two, no?

    If you read most news sites their grammar is atrocious and they cannot even spell ‘spel-czech’.
    It’s as if human editors no longer exist. Or as if they got their education in California.

  2. That looks about right, except the logical and rational part.

    Speaking of which, there is also the issue of Simon Cowell making that much money to be the rude judge. Not that I fault the pay, if that’s what the ratings warrant. But why do the ratings warrant it? So many people tuning in to hear a lot of so-so singing.

    Then there is the issue of why is the local news reporting this story. This is news?

  3. Rich,

    What I cannot figure out is why so many people tune into so many shows where rudeness seems to be the draw, a la’ Trump, American Idol, etc.

    Or the daytime shows like Maury and the others. What draws people to the likes of Howard Stern or Michael Savidge(sp?).

  4. I find it sad that the show makes that much money in the first place. I wish I got paid even a minor fraction, say 1/100, for partaking in a karaoke competition. Even better, I could heckle the people performing in the competition and get 100% of the amount. It’s really quite sickening.

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