Where Are the Lawyers?

I present for your con­sid­er­a­tion a warn­ing label that gives the read­er cred­it for pos­sess­ing com­mon sense.

Garage door warning label
Do Not Paint Over This Label

Note at the bot­tom of the label the addi­tion­al warn­ing to not paint over the label. The label fails to warn against paint­ing over the red screws. It is amaz­ing to me that the lawyers missed that.

3 thoughts on “Where Are the Lawyers?”

  1. Sad to say, but com­mon sense can some­times be a rare com­mod­i­ty these days. Heard the oth­er day that some­one died in bath­tub with lap­top com­put­er because they could­n’t stop “Tweet­ing” long enough to bathe safe­ly. Insane world.;o)

  2. Exact­ly!! Lap­tops need a warn­ing label: “Do not use in the bathtub”!!

    And thanks for vis­it­ing (and commenting!!)

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