Some Thought Must Have Been Involved

The ques­tion often aris­es “What were they think­ing?!” Or, more often, in my own mind “What was I think­ing!?” In my expe­ri­ence the answer to such ques­tions (expe­cial­ly the lat­ter) is invari­ably “Think­ing? There was no think­ing involved.”

But there must have been some thought involved at the Low­er Meri­on School Dis­trict in a Philadel­phia sub­urb. They man­aged to enable them­selves to spy on the stu­dents, even when the stu­dents were at home, through the lap­top web­cams. This did not just happen.

This leads to the ques­tion “How did these peo­ple come to be in charge of edu­cat­ing our children?”

Noth­ing leads a child down the straight and nar­row like the feel­ing of not being trust­ed, right?

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