The Aesthetics of Roofing

Deb­by and I went to the Fort Wayne Home and Gar­den Show today. All of the usu­al were there: sev­er­al exhibitors giv­ing away a house­ful of win­dows, plen­ty of exhibitors promis­ing a dry base­ment, lots of land­scap­ers and lawn care providers.

New for me (we haven’t been to a Home/​Garden show in a few years) was the lat­est in met­al roof­ing. Sev­er­al ven­dors were push­ing met­al roof­ing coat­ed with the same ceram­ic gran­ules that asphalt shin­gles are coat­ed with. So the high end, expen­sive met­al roof is made to look like the cheap­est avail­able roof­ing product.

By this log­ic, the next advance in sid­ing will be made to emu­late vinyl siding.

A shud­der went down my back as I typed that last sentence.

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