Sunday Drive to Wine

Yes­ter­day, Deb­by and I took a Sun­day dri­ve to check out a cou­ple of Indi­ana winer­ies. Vis­it­ing winer­ies is one of our favorite things to do. I have only recent­ly devel­oped a taste for wine and I cer­tain­ly lack the vocab­u­lary to dis­cuss wine, but why should that stop me?

We start­ed out at Wil­son Wines “in” Mod­oc, Indi­ana. I say “in” because I did not see any towns in the vicin­i­ty of the win­ery. The win­ery does not look like much as one dri­ves past an assort­ment of out­build­ings to get to the win­ery, which most­ly looks like just anoth­er out­build­ing. A friend­ly, polite but not over­ly talk­a­tive gen­tle­man showed us the wine list: eight whites, three reds, and sev­en fruit and non tra­di­tion­al wines.

We tast­ed five wines. We liked the Sey­val Blanc (dry white), the Autumn White (semi-dry) and the Marechal Foch (semi-sweet). Well, I liked the first two and Deb­by liked the last two. If you like those kinds of wine, I can’t believe you would not like these.

The Amer­i­can Ries­ling was OK. I have had a few ries­lings that I thought were OK, but this one did­n’t quite do it for me. Deb­by liked it bet­ter than I.

We also tast­ed the Indi­an Trail Red (dry). It had quite a strong fla­vor (lots of tan­nins we were told) and was not to our taste.

I lack the vocab­u­lary and I have a lim­it­ed palette, but we’ve been to a lot of winer­ies over the past few years and Wil­son Wines are as good as any oth­ers we’ve had. It is a bit out of the way, but worth the trip. We bought two bot­tles, the Autumn White and the Marechal Foch.

Then we went to Madi­son Coun­ty Win­ery at 10942 S. 400 East, Markleville, Indi­ana (again, not real­ly in the town). This win­ery opened for busi­ness just over six months ago (Jan­u­ary 9, 2009). The tast­ing room in an out­build­ing at Wil­son Wines is fan­cy next to the tast­ing room in a mobile home at Madi­son Coun­ty Win­ery. But facil­i­ties take mon­ey and he’s just start­ing out. The web site is not all that impres­sive, either.

I believe that we dealt with the pro­pri­a­tor, Eric Hens­ley. He is friend­ly and pas­sion­ate about the win­ery. The selec­tions are lim­it­ed, par­tic­u­lar­ly on the dry side, but he plans to add more wines over time. We tried a (dry? semi dry?) Mead. We found it inter­est­ing, but not quite to our taste (being a mead, we did­n’t expect to like it). We also tried a sem-sweet red that was a blend of two grapes (I think one of them was nia­gara grapes). It was inter­est­ing also. Maybe a bit too sweet for me. Both had what I think were dis­tinc­tive flavors.

If you are look­ing for wines that are not just anoth­er white or red, this may be worth the trip for you. Deb­by and I look for­ward to the day when his selec­tion is wider and we can get back there.

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