2 thoughts on “Supply Exceeds Demand”

  1. That would imply that either the cur­rent­ly liv­ing sup­ply of hyp­ocrites is lim­it­ed and that new hyp­ocrites are being born every minute… Or that no mat­ter how many humans you exam­ine, you’ll find them to be hyp­ocrites, mean­ing that every­one every­where are hyp­ocrites in some fashion.

    I’d lean toward the lat­ter. Babies may be born suck­ers, but they are at least gen­uine. Until, that is, they fig­ure out that cry­ing gets them atten­tion, whether there’s a need or not.

  2. The con­cept of a new hyp­ocrite being born every minute does not require that any new born babies are hyp­ocrite. Every minute, some per­son some­where becomes a hyp­ocrite (appar­ent­ly).

    I fig­ured some­one would chal­lenge the “exceeds demand” in the title. His mis­tress clear­ly want­ed him to be a hyp­ocrite (although I hear the named woman denies any phys­i­cal rela­tion­ship with him).

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