2 thoughts on “Supply Exceeds Demand”

  1. That would imply that either the currently living supply of hypocrites is limited and that new hypocrites are being born every minute… Or that no matter how many humans you examine, you’ll find them to be hypocrites, meaning that everyone everywhere are hypocrites in some fashion.

    I’d lean toward the latter. Babies may be born suckers, but they are at least genuine. Until, that is, they figure out that crying gets them attention, whether there’s a need or not.

  2. The concept of a new hypocrite being born every minute does not require that any new born babies are hypocrite. Every minute, some person somewhere becomes a hypocrite (apparently).

    I figured someone would challenge the “exceeds demand” in the title. His mistress clearly wanted him to be a hypocrite (although I hear the named woman denies any physical relationship with him).

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