Sense of Humor

Deb­by and I watched Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristi­na Barcelona the oth­er day. Good film. Here and there dur­ing the movie I had to remind myself that it is prob­a­bly fun­ny. And as soon as I thought that, I found it to be fun­ny! Even to the point that I laughed out loud.

But I could have eas­i­ly sat through the whole movie with­out real­iz­ing it was sup­posed to be fun­ny. I would wager that I have done that at least once in my life: watch a movie that is sup­posed to be fun­ny with­out ever real­iz­ing that was the case. And then think­ing “strange movie.”

On the oth­er hand, I find Craig Fer­gu­son to be very fun­ny. I actu­al­ly find him to be fun­ny even when he is being juvenile.

But Conan O’ Bri­an isn’t fun­ny at all.

By the way, Vicky Cristi­na Barcelona is real­ly good. Filmed in ter­rif­ic set­tings, very good act­ing, and a decent script. And Allen is not in it (a big plus in my book).

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